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i am writing you to protest against the forced deportation of our
friend Hameed Abdulhameed to Iraq by Migrationsverket.

Hameed will undoubtly be in grave danger if deported to Iraq. He does
not deserve to be treated like a criminal by the Swedish authorities.

Hameed effectively had no representation during most of the
proceedings of his asylum request. Repeatedly he asked to change his
lawyer, or at least be allowed to represent himself before the court.

Instead he faced forced deportation, which is prohibited even by the
MoU of February 18, 2008 between Sweden and Iraq. The first time
Hameed could successfully resist deportation.

Hameed is not going to voluntarily repatriate to Iraq. Because of his
political stances we fear for his well-being and even his life if
forcefully deported to Iraq.

I am deeply shocked to hear about the situation Hameed Abdulhameed Al-Obaidi is

As you know, Iraq has been destroyed, people massacred and frightened, the
country contaminated with nuclear weapons. Hameeds country is occupied since
it has been attacked against international law and on wrong and invented
reasons. As in Iraqi, this can only make him an oppositionist to those
conditions. How this can bring him into trouble, I cannot understand: should not
the responsibles for this injustice be before courts an sit in jails?

Still, the media show as well, Iraq is not a safe country as we judge concerning
refugees. We europeans are warned to go there, for death sqads raid the country
leaving a bloody trail. And the occupying forces are not better as all of us
know at the latest since soldiers‘ confessions have been published (wikileaks)
revealing a desastrous reality. On top of that there is no real opportunity to
live in a country that is polluted by nuclear weapons, DU and heavy metals, that
is impoverished through the destruction of infrastructure and the aimed murder
of academics, intellectuals and specialists.

It is unbelievable that a person opposing this situation is supposed to be
silent and endure. And it is unbelievable that Hameeds opposition, that would
be considered natural to everyone here would it concern his own family, friends
and loved ones, is punished for his position, his being an Iraqi in the end. It
is frankly clear that Hameed will face no open arms and welcomes with flowers
back in Iraq. Todays Iraq is torn and broken through our destroying force but
the Iraqis are judged guilty when the flee this.

Hameed is in danger in Iraq, people are in danger there! Don’t deport
Hameed (and any Iraqi) to Iraq, don’t force him into death or torture! Let
Hameed stay in Sweden to give him the chance to live in peace and recover from
torture, war and the whole traumatic situation!

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