Protests in Iraq

Statement by Women Solidarity for an Independent Unified Iraq

London, 22/2/2011

Iraq has been witnessing protests and demonstrations up and down the country for several weeks now, including towns and cities where no protests has taken place in the past .

We got news of mass protests from Baghdad, Basra, Kut, Samawah, Diwaniyah, Fallujah, Kirkuk to Sulaymaniyah. Against the suppression of freedoms, arrests, torture, corruption, disillusionment and unfulfilled election promises not least the disastrous lack of basic services such as electricity, water and health services and the inefficient and corrupt way the ration system is being handled. They also protest the lack of employment opportunities. They protest the lack of social support, in particular, for widows and orphans and pensioners in order to enable them to live in the dignity they deserve, instead of destitution and humniliation.

What unites the protesters, too is their determination to keep the demonstrations peaceful, despite the savage reaction by the security men and police, as in the shooting and the arrest of peaceful demonstrators and wounding and killing several of them in Kut, Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad.

The unified voice of the all the protesters, call for peaceful demonstrations and for the slogans to represent the national concerns. This is the voice people who are fed up with the promises made without any real achievement. They are fed up with patronizing bombastic speeches made by one
government official after another to no avail.

The voice of the protesters is the voice of the freedom and dignity of the Iraqi people. It is the voice of the valiant Iraqi woman, as she struggles to restore her historic achievements and her leading role in the Iraqi people’s struggle for freedom, equality and self determination.

It is the voice of people who know all too well, that super human patience is of no use and the current crucial historical moment has to be seized. It must not be wasted, it is time to go down the road of restoring the dignity of all Iraqis and a better future for our children.

We in Women Solidarity for an Independent United Iraq, support all forms and levels of resistance stemming from the heart of our country. These protests are a manifestation and popular expressions of the unity of our people. In organising such protests and attending them our people are exercising their rights as guaranteed by international law and basic human rights. We support
the protests and urge our people to come out in their support.

Women Solidarity for Unified and Independent Iraq is an umbrella organization, encompasses many organisations and individuals working in various fields ranging from raising awareness on the deteriorating situation in occupied Iraq and actively supporting Iraqi women and children to the support of Iraqi people in their struggle to end the occupation.

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